Photo 23 Jul Today @ Stonehenge ♥

Today @ Stonehenge ♥

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Oh yes!


Oh yes!

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This is too cute!

Photo 10 Mar It came! 

It came! 

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Home made individual lasagne. Before and after oven time :-)

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Der Krampus, a German companion of Santa Claus, who beat naughty children and kidnapped the worst ones and carried them to his lair in his sack. In another German tradition, he is the one who distributes the coal and the ruten, which are bundles of sticks for parents to beat their children with.

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I think Cosmo did some justice on this one

I feel this to my core. 

I need proof (notarized proof) that this is from Cosmo. Nope, not gonna believe it.

It’s so real.

I completely agree.

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Cut too much of my hair off.. :(

I need this hair do in my life!

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My hair has never looked so glorious!



My hair has never looked so glorious!


Text 17 Oct 3 notes Things I think in my head and end up arguing with myself but the good part of me always gives up.

You are a fat fuck - That will never change.

Nobody likes you.

Nobody even knows you exist.

What is the point in trying anymore.

You give but get nothing in return. Ever.

You get stabbed in the back more than Caesar.

You need to stop trying to please others and start trying to please yourself.

Stop being so nice.

How is anyone going to love you if you don’t even love yourself.

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Dragon’s Breath is a very gorgeous type of opal made into many types of jewelry.

They look like gateways to other dimensions… :O

That top left one looks like it’s plotting to take over Middle Earth

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